Myth #1: Do not move out of the marital home until the divorce is final.

Myth #2: A consultation with an attorney means hiring an attorney.

Myth #3: Courts favor Mom, therefore men require a special men's rights attorney to protect their interests.

Myth #4: Identifying and valuing assets is the easy part of the case.

Myth #5: Every family law case has a winner and a loser.

Myth #6: Courts divide marital property down the middle.

Myth #7: A well-crafted prenuptial agreement is ironclad.

Myth #8: Mediators are a substitute for legal counsel, or "Why do I need a lawyer? I have a mediator."

Myth #9: Attorneys increase conflict; therefore representing oneself is cost effective.

Myth #10: Love fades but divorce is final.

We can debunk these ten myths and address any other questions you have. Please call our office to schedule an appointment so we can explain what you need to know regarding the divorce process.