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A Different Way To Resolve Disputes

Have you considered alternative dispute resolution in your family law or probate case? Mediation or alternative dispute resolution is a valuable tool to use in family law, divorce, estate and probate disputes.

At the law offices of Jolein A. Harro, P.C., our goal is to take divorce out of the courtroom by using collaborative law to find a resolution for you. Our attorneys represent individuals and families in Littleton, Denver, and throughout Colorado.

How Mediation Or Alternative Dispute Resolution Works

How does it work? It allows all parties to make decisions together at their own pace. This ensures that all issues will be appropriately addressed and that every side will have their voice heard.

Alternative dispute resolution allows more creativity when searching for solutions and is handled in a more comfortable environment as opposed to a courtroom. Everyone has access to the judge, and will be able to discuss their concerns openly without fearing the cost and time constraints of a typical dispute handled in court.

Resolving Family Law And Probate Disputes

We are trained in collaborative law. This means we have the skills and experience to help you work together to find a resolution that works for everyone. We understand the complex nature of family law disputes involving divorce, child custody, support and property division. We also use mediation to solve probate disputes involving all types of estate matters, including trusts and will contests.

Mediation may be an option for you to find a resolution that works for everyone. It can also save you time and money and give you peace of mind that your resolution will work better for everyone involved.

Discuss Your Legal Problem With Us

Do not let a dispute ruin you and your family’s future. Mediation is a way to resolve your legal problems outside of court and often is more beneficial for everyone involved in the process. We will help you decide if mediation is right for you and explore all of your options to find a resolution.

Arrange a confidential consultation with one of our lawyers by calling 720-541-5873 or sending us an email.