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3 ways parents can help their kids acclimate to having two homes

Many parents who choose to get divorced end up with shared custody of their children. This is usually best for children because they can maintain ongoing relationships with both parents, but it can cause some challenges too.

One of the biggest challenges a child in this situation may face is the change from one house to two houses. However, there are ways parents can help their children overcome this challenge.

5 divorce mistakes that could lead to an unfavorable outcome

No matter the stage of your divorce, you'd like to outcome to be favorable. Whether this includes your financial well-being, proper housing, maintaining your assets, child custody or another divorce matter, negligent actions will only hurt your case.

These divorce mistakes include boasting or demonizing on social media, lacking the correct documents, ignoring tax repercussions, not closing joint credit accounts and automatically going to court to litigate your divorce.

What happens to the house in a divorce?

Divorcing spouses often share concern over who gets to keep the house. This concern is understandable since a house can be one of the biggest assets a couple has. However, determining what will happen to the family home can be complicated.

One of the first sticking points may be the status of the house as marital, separate or comingled property. This can be an important distinction because marital assets are divided equitably in the divorce process, while separate property stays with the owner.

Which is better, a revocable or irrevocable living trust?

There are many reasons to consider creating a trust-based estate plan. If you think this might be right for you, it is important to understand the different types of trusts you can choose from.

A living trust is one of the most popular trusts to include in an estate plan. It is created when you are alive, as opposed to a testamentary trust, which is formed upon your death.

What is the best way for parents to tell kids about divorce?

Most children want their parents to stay married, but this is not always possible. When parents decide to end their marriage, they often worry about telling their kids because of the affect this news could have on their children.

There probably is not any good way to give a child upsetting news. However, some ways are better than others.

Where might a spouse hide assets in divorce?

Distrust is a common emotion among many divorcing spouses. Certain people might see distrust as an overreaction. However, some distrust may be reasonable.

Sometimes during the divorce process, one spouse attempts to hide assets in an effort to prevent them from being fairly divided. Hiding assets is illegal and immoral, but some spouses believe they can get away with it anyway. This is especially common when only one spouse manages the family’s finances. Fortunately, there are ways to uncover these hidden assets.

How can someone begin preparing for divorce?

If your spouse recently asked for divorce, his or her feelings may have come as a shock. You may not have anticipated the need for divorce and not imagined the divorce process in your future. It can certainly take some time to get used to that idea. However, it can also be beneficial to act early.

If you and your spouse are going to get a divorce, it may be helpful to begin preparing for that process sooner rather than later. If your spouse has been thinking about divorce for some time, it is possible he or she has already begun preparing for this process behind the scenes. If you wait too long to get yourself organized, you might find your access to certain documents and information has become limited, which could put you at a disadvantage.

How do courts determine a child's best interests?

Determining a parenting time arrangement and delegating parental responsibilities can be some of the most contentious issues that parents must resolve during divorce. Both you and your child’s other parent may be used to seeing your child every day. This can make the idea of splitting your child’s time feel like a loss.

However, when setting a parenting time arrangement and parental responsibilities, it is important to put your child’s welfare and desires before your own. Parents are often the people who know best what their child needs to thrive, so working with the other parent can be an effective way to hash out the details in a way that will be favorable to your child. Unfortunately, parents do not always agree on what would be best for their child.

Do you need a legal separation before a divorce?

Ending a marriage is no easy task. Divorce can be emotionally challenging, and you may feel like ripping off the band-aid is the best strategy. How quickly you complete ultimately depends on how complicated the marriage is as far as property, children, and more.

You know there are requirements to qualify for a Colorado divorce and these establish a minimum length for the completion of the process. One of those factors that can extend the process is the legal separation.

5 essential pieces of your estate plan

Too many people believe estate planning is only for the wealthy – in fact, a recent survey shows only four out of 10 American adults have a will or trust in place. However, everyone can benefit from planning for how their property and other assets are taken care of after they die.

Without a legal plan in place, estates worth at least $50,000 must go before a probate court here in Colorado where a judge will decide who gets what and how much. Estate planning also gives family members or a trusted agent the ability to carry out your wishes if you are unable to do so while you are still alive.

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