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How to navigate a divorce while focusing on your career

The decision to end a marriage can be traumatic. Grief, anger, fear and anxiety are typical by-products of divorce. It can be easy to get stuck in an emotional cobweb and carry that into the workplace. When you are going through a divorce it can be challenging to separate what happens at home and your professional life. Even without a complicated divorce, the upheaval of a marriage can negatively impact your performance, availability and energy at work.

You have worked hard to establish and develop your career and cannot risk your career advancement. Divorce can be acrimonious, but with the right strategies, it does not have to result in continuous disruptions at work.

Why people hire an attorney for their divorce

Divorce can be a challenging process and like other divorcees, may feel that hiring an attorney to help you would complicate the process. You may be more concerned about keeping the costs of your divorce down or not wanting to take the time to meet with various attorneys to find the right fit.

While this thought process is often well-intended, this is the part where many people go wrong. There are several reasons many people choose to hire a lawyer. Some benefits of hiring an attorney for your divorce include:

How does an attorney help protect your assets in a divorce?

When a marriage fails, and the divorce process is started, many people wonder how the money, belongings and assets will be divided when they leave their partner. Colorado is an equitable distribution state which means that marital property is split in an equitable, not necessarily equal, manner.

What this means for you in divorce is that a judge will look at the incomes of each partner, what each contributed and the length of the marriage. Divorce attorneys can help you navigate this process and obtain a fair result.

Debunking Ten Myths Of Divorce - What You Think You Know Might Hurt You (Myths 1-5)

This month's article is designed to highlight common divorce "myths." So often in our practice a client will mention at least one of these misperceptions. Accordingly, we wanted to debunk the ten most common misunderstandings in family law to empower our readers.

Five tips for protecting your high-value assets in divorce

If you enter a marriage with high-value assets, you will want to make sure those assets stay protected. Whether you own your own business, hold high-value stocks or own a lot of real estate, you want to ensure that you don't lose these assets should you and your spouse decide to divorce.

While you may have started with a happy marriage, things can happen that lead to divorce. Here are some tips for protecting your assets in case your marriage ends:

Pitfalls of ending a relationship without an attorney

It’s become commonplace for couples to partner rather than marry. Some view the institution of marriage as antiquated or oppose the religious nature associated with marriage. For others, an engagement ring is enough and they never get around to planning or paying for the wedding.

For couples in Colorado, it is important to understand the rules of common-law marriage. The state is one of 12 that recognize it. If you view your status as partners (not spouses) you may be in for a surprise at the end of your relationship.

What types of trusts are available for your estate plan?

If you would like to set up a trust as part of your estate plan, you may be curious about where to start. Do you know what is available in Colorado, or applicable to your unique situation? Having a formidable trust can help your assets and estate avoid probate, but not all trusts are created equal.

Retirement planning without dependency on social security

While social security isn’t capturing mainstream headlines, it’s a critical discussion topic among young millennials and baby boomers. But how does social security link these two different generations?

Both generations expressed concerns surrounding social security benefits during retirement. Are the benefits going to be cut or depleted entirely by the time most citizens hit retirement? It’s a very likely possibility, according to U.S. News.

Speaking to an attorney does not mean you are getting divorced

No one gets married expecting to separate and divorce. You also need to realize that seeking sound legal advice about divorce, does not necessarily mean you are destined to split. Discussing your concerns with an attorney is confidential and not as scary as many assume.

"You don’t know, what you don’t know" is an expression that is applicable with most legal matters. In family law matters, you do not want to make decisions without having accurate information.

Three ways to handle a family business during divorce

Unfortunately, when spouses go into business together, they can be so wrapped up in the excitement of the business that they often avoid thinking about or planning for the possibility of divorce. Dividing assets in a typical divorce can be challenging. However, determining what to do with a co-owned family business can be especially difficult because the business is both a financial asset and a job.

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