Child custody determination can affect parent/child bond

On Behalf of | Jul 10, 2013 | Child Custody

For Colorado parents who are planning to divorce, no subject is more important than the manner in which they divide their parenting responsibilities. Child custody and visitation are often the first topics addressed during the negotiation period of a divorce, and many parents are able to work out a parenting plan without a great deal of contention. By placing the needs of the children above all other matters, the topic can be handled quickly and effectively, in many cases.

A recently released study underscores the importance of making sound and reasonable child custody decisions. The research looked at the effects that an early divorce has on the relationship that adult children experience with their non-custodial parent. The results suggest that when a divorce occurs while children are very young, the relationship with the non-custodial parent suffers as a result. This outcome was demonstrated regardless of whether the non-custodial parent was the mother or the father.

These results can be taken to support the idea that parents who do not receive full or joint custody should make every effort to remain involved in the lives of their children. This is best accomplished when a fair and balanced parenting plan is outlined during the divorce process. Children who spend time with both their mother and father are better able to feel secure within those relationships, which researchers believe translates into a stronger parent/child bond, even into adulthood.

For Colorado families preparing for a divorce, understanding the importance of maintaining stability for one’s children is imperative. While the dissolution of a marriage will bring on a great many changes, children should move forward with the understanding that both parents will continue to be there for them throughout the transition and beyond. A carefully constructed child custody arrangement can help to ensure success when it comes to dividing the joys and responsibilities that come with raising one’s children.

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