Colorado domestic partnership can come with a downside

On Behalf of | Aug 2, 2013 | Same-Sex Couples & Divorce

Colorado residents have more than likely heard of the changing gay and lesbian marriage laws. Although the state does not recognize gay or lesbian marriage, they do in fact recognize a domestic partnership. A recent article pointed out that while some people are happy to feel they have the same rights as other married couples, divorce or dissolution of the domestic partnership as it is referred to is now a reality.

Even though civil unions were only legalized in May of 2013, it has been reported there have been at least seven dissolutions already filed. As far as the court is concerned, the dissolution of a civil union is legally the same as a divorce. It was noted that if children are involved it can be even more complicated. The plus side of having a legal system in place when children are involved is being able to work out custody and child support issues in court. Before legalized civil unions, separations involving children could be messy and complicated.

Although the number of separations may seem high, not all couples that are dissolving their partnership were ‘married’ in the state of Colorado. Research also suggests that it is too early to report any statistics regarding divorce rates in the gay and lesbian community. Only time will tell if there is a difference in the percentage of same sex unions or marriages compared to traditional marriages.

Any Colorado resident in a domestic partnership that is looking to dissolve the partnership may benefit from researching their rights under the state laws. Since this is a rather new topic, a person may be best served to take a proactive approach and stay up to date on potentially changing laws. By having an understanding of one’s rights they can determine the best way to move forward with any appropriate action that needs to be taken.

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