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Collaborative divorce offers a range of property division wins

For many Colorado couples, the end of their marriage comes as neither a surprise or a particularly upsetting proposition. In such cases, divorce represents a new beginning for both parties, and the process of reaching that doorway is not fraught with disagreement or anger. Spouses in this position are particularly suited to a collaborative divorce process, by which property division, child custody and other divorce matters are solved by working together to reach an agreement that all parties can live with.

Property division process may close animal rescue farm

As with so many things in life, mistakes made during marriage are often made crystal clear to us during divorce. For many in Colorado, failure to draft a prenuptial agreement is at the top of the list of errors in judgment, especially when the property division process threatens to strip one of assets that took years and a great deal of work to acquire. Such is the case for a man who is currently at risk of jail time if he does not abide by a court order to sell his animal rescue facility.

Judge dictates: bakeries must bake for same-sex couples?

The nation is currently undergoing an upheaval of change when it comes to same-sex marriage, one that many argue is long overdue. Colorado same-sex couples are like those in any other state, fighting for the rights that every other couple has: tax benefits, insurance benefits and child custody, among others. While much progress has been made, there is no doubt that there is still quite a journey ahead.

High asset divorce involves Rupert Murdoch and wife, Wendi

The process of divorce may cause tension due to the high stakes involved, particularly if property or asset division is at the center of this type of family law proceeding. However, if a person is facing a high asset divorce in Colorado, the stress levels can be even higher, with billions of dollars or business enterprises at stake. This is the scenario that one couple is facing in an out-of-state case.

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