Divorce rates and custody proceedings rise after the new year

On Behalf of | Jan 14, 2014 | Legal Separation

The dawning of a new year often means that people will make new year’s resolutions. Many are eager to begin anew and move forward with their lives. For some people in Colorado, this might include initiating a divorce. Many divorce attorneys report that January coincides with a rise in divorce rates and custody proceedings, and they speculate that this is due to many people’s resolutions to change their lives.

While more typical resolutions often include things like weight loss or exercise, several attorneys say that some people have the desire to better their lives overall — and for some of them, that includes divorcing their spouse. They speculate that, due to the added stress of the holidays that precede the new year, some people reach a breaking point in their relationship. They have been spending added time with extended family thanks to the holiday, whereas the rest of the year, they may get distracted with work or other obligations. Perhaps feelings or situations that they had been ignoring can no longer be avoided.

One attorney says that the first week of January in particular brings an increase in inquiries about divorce proceedings, and that the entire month is a busy time in his line of work. People are reviewing the previous year and deciding that they no longer wish to be with their spouse for a myriad of reasons. They have concluded that the only solution is ending their marriage, and that doing so will improve their lives.

If a couple in Colorado cannot work through their differences, divorce may be the best option for everyone involved. It could be a chance for both spouses to get a new start and move on with their lives. There are many things that must be managed in divorce proceedings, such as child custody, asset division or property division, and a family might be best served by approaching a court for assistance with these issues. Divorce can be difficult, but it does not have to mean an ending — it can mean a beginning.

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