Uptick in custody cases as divorce rates climb post-recession

On Behalf of | Feb 13, 2014 | Legal Separation

Families all over the United States have suffered thanks to the recent economic downturn. Many of them were unable to work through their differences, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they got divorced. Many couples in Colorado decided to stay together during the recession, causing divorce rates to plummet. However, a recent study highlighted the fact that now that the economy is improving, divorce rates are rising again. This means that many couples will be required to plan for child custody, property division and possible alimony payments.

The study examined what the rates of divorce were during the peak of the recession and found that rates went down between the years of 2008 and 2009. It also discovered that the rates rose again from 2010 to 2011. Experts postulate that now that the economy is better, people can afford to get divorced, which could enable them to be better able to handle any child custody issues.

Some groups that looked at the study believed that the lowered divorce rate was a positive outcome from the recession. However, experts stress that the recession didn’t mean that couples would never divorce, but rather that they may have chosen to delay the process because of increased financial difficulties. They point to the Depression in the 1930s, which saw a similar pattern in divorce rates. This may have actually resulted in a negative home environment for any children involved, as they may have been witness to unhappy parents who felt unable to change their situation.

Parents who are contemplating divorce may benefit from a thorough review of all available options before attempting to settle custody agreements, the division of assets and even possible alimony payments. Colorado families should attempt to keep lines of communication open during divorce proceedings to help ensure that everyone’s best interests are served. Divorce may be perceived as being a sad event, but many times it can lead to a happier future for both parents and children.

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