Father fighting for child custody of daughter placed for adoption

On Behalf of | Mar 11, 2014 | Child Custody

Often, when parents of a child are unmarried, the assumption is made that the main responsibility for child care will fall to the mother. However, many Colorado fathers are more than willing to step up and raise their children, even asking for primary custody in many situations. In the past, many courts would favor the mother in child custody cases, but in recent times, many men have shown that they are able and sometimes even better suited to care for their children. A father recently found out that he has been given a chance to have primary custody of the daughter that his ex-girlfriend gave up for adoption, allegedly without his permission.

The father in question was serving overseas in the military when his daughter was born. He and the girl’s mother were not in a relationship for several months before the baby was born, but he was attempting to keep contact open so that he could be a proper father to the child. His ex-girlfriend ended communication with him and did not speak to him until after the birth. When he returned to the United States, he says she claimed that the child was a boy and had passed away.

The father had to take his ex to court to try to find out where his “son” was buried. It was then that she admitted that the child was alive, was actually a girl and had been given up for adoption in another state. The father is now pursuing litigation against both his ex-girlfriend and the adoption agency involved. Originally, a court ruled that he could not have custody of the baby girl, but that decision was reversed on appeal and a new hearing was granted. The father is now making every attempt to win primary custody of his daughter, who he has still never had the chance to meet.

This father is not alone in his desire to care for his child. Many others like him dream of the day they will be able to nurture and raise the children they love. Here in Colorado, those who find themselves in a similar situation would probably be best served by educating themselves regarding applicable child custody laws and local court procedures. Hopefully, the father and daughter can be reunited as family and move forward with their lives.

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