Sherri Shepherd’s husband seeks child custody of unborn baby

On Behalf of | May 13, 2014 | Child Custody

Normally, when a Colorado couple divorces and has to make decisions related to the custody of their children, it involves children who are already born. Occasionally, it actually refers to an unborn child. Such is the case in the divorce proceedings for TV personality and actress Sherri Shepherd. Her husband recently filed for divorce and is suing for child custody of their baby, who is being carried by a surrogate.

Sherri Shepherd has been married to her husband — Lamar Sally — for almost three years. This is Shepherd’s second marriage and she has a son from her first union. The couple used a surrogate for their unborn child, who is due this summer. While neither has directly addressed their divorce in the media, sources say that Shepherd was dissatisfied with Sally’s role in caring for the son she already has.

Sally is now suing for full custody of the child that has not been born yet. He has also requested a specific order that would stop Shepherd from hindering his ability to take the baby after the delivery. He has agreed to give her visitation, but is suing for alimony.

The couple may have other decisions to make during their divorce proceedings besides child custody, such as division of marital assets and allocation of property. While celebrity cases like this may seem difficult to relate to, Colorado residents may find that many of the issues celebrities face can apply in their own divorces. It may be beneficial to anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation to obtain an accurate understanding of the laws surrounding child custody to determine the best way to proceed.

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