Tips for Colorado parents trying to determine child custody

On Behalf of | May 27, 2014 | Child Custody

When two parents are not raising their children together, it may be for a myriad of reasons. Both people involved typically want what is best for their kids, but may not agree on exactly how that should be accomplished. In these instances, they may have to determine the exact parameters of a child custody agreement. Colorado parents may benefit from the following suggestions when they are faced with such a situation.

It is a good idea for each parent to determine the aspects of a potential agreement that are most important to him or her. Each party could significantly benefit from making a list what they think is fair in terms of visitation and other rules. If each parent knows exactly what he or she wants in a custody agreement, this could help him or her stay less emotional and to be better focused during any form of negotiations.

Some parents might feel comfortable speaking with one another before any official mediation starts. If this is an option they feel comfortable pursuing, these individuals could use this time to determine if there are any points on which they concur. It may also serve to highlight where disagreement exists and give each parent areas that he or she can target once mediation actually commences.

Both parties have the right to take their time and carefully consider any child custody agreement before they commit to it. It may be helpful for parents to remember that the goal of these proceedings is to benefit the future best interests of their children. By gaining an understanding of state child custody and visitation laws, a Colorado parent may be able to substantially increase the odds of obtaining the results that he or she desires.

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