NBA star Paul George in child custody battle

On Behalf of | Jul 8, 2014 | Child Custody

There are times when many parents who are attempting to determine a child custody agreement might feel as though they are the only ones who might be experiencing this type of event. This is far from the truth, as many parents in Colorado — and across the nation — struggle with this very issue. Even famous people have to determine how they will handle child custody arrangements. For example, a basketball player for the Pacers, Paul George, is awaiting results of a paternity test to determine how he will proceed with his potential parental responsibilities.

George may be the father of the child of a woman who has already filed for sole custody. A paternity test was conducted before the baby was born that indicated he was the father, but he requested a second test since he was uncertain if those results could be trusted. George has decided to file his own suit for full custody, pending the results of the second test.

He claims that he will be the best parent to raise the child and that shared custody would not be in the baby’s best interest. He points to the fact that the mother is unemployed and unable to support the baby without assistance, but she counters that her lack of employment is due to her responsibilities to care for the child. If he is not awarded sole custody, he has requested that the court give the woman less money than she would normally receive under state guidelines for child support.

No matter where parents live or their amount of income, if they are trying to determine child custody, they will face the same struggles as so many others right here in Colorado do. Whenever possible, full and honest communication between two parents can help to ensure a fair agreement that will benefit everyone involved. What is most important, however, is that the children in question have their best interests served.

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