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Oil billionaire's divorce could be the largest in history

Divorce mediation is designed to help couples who no longer wish to remain married divide their marital assets. Though not every Colorado couple has to worry about splitting a large amount of money, those who do likely have many questions relating to how the process will unfold and what their soon-to-be-ex-spouse could be entitled to receive once asset valuation occurs. This is the position an out-of-state oil tycoon finds himself in as he divorces his wife of two and a half decades. It is possible that this will be the largest divorce settlement in recorded history.

How legal separation in Colorado affects custody, other issues

Married couples in Colorado may decide they no longer wish to live together for a variety of reasons. For some of them, divorce may be out of the question, or perhaps they are uncertain whether they want to divorce. However, living apart could mean that they still have to contend with issues such as child custody or property division. For these couples, legal separation may be their best option, but many people are unaware of precisely what it means and how it could help them.

How Colorado spouses can handle concealed assets during divorce

When couples decide to divorce, they probably are aware that most proceedings involve a division of assets and property. Some of them might attempt to hide certain assets in the hopes that they will not have to share them with their former partner. Colorado residents who think that their ex is attempting to keep certain assets a secret have options for handling this situation and ensuring that divorce mediation includes a fair division of both money, property and other types of assets.

Tips for changing child custody arrangements

Deciding to file for divorce can be a deeply emotional and personal choice that many residents of Denver, Colorado, may find themselves making. Some divorces may be relatively straightforward, especially when both parties work out their issues and pursue an uncontested divorce. Other divorces are understandably more difficult due to complications with securing child support or determining child custody arrangements. In some cases, the child may later wish to alter the custody arrangements, which can potentially lead to emotional pain and have legal ramifications.

Colorado child custody tricky to define with same-sex parents

We recently discussed an out of state case involving same-sex parents attempting to determine custody for the child they shared ("How to manage child custody for Colorado same-sex parents", July 15). That specific case would not set legal precedent here since it happened outside of Colorado, but it was only a matter of time before a similar situation occurred to a family in the Centennial State. The rights of gay and lesbian parents do not have specific delineation, so child custody agreements might be difficult to determine.

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