Colorado same-sex couples can consider cohabitation agreement

On Behalf of | Sep 10, 2014 | Same-Sex Couples & Divorce

The Colorado Civil Union Act has not been in effect for very long, but it’s benefits are already helping many families. Partners who happen to be of the same gender can have a civil union and are now able to enjoy the same advantages that married heterosexual couples do. This also means that same-sex couples can pursue a dissolution of their union, more commonly known as a divorce. We here at Jolein A. Harro, PC are more than willing to assist couples of all kinds with this important process.

Though the Colorado Civil Union Act doesn’t currently extend the same tax benefits to same-sex couples as it does to married couples, it has allowed for that possibility in the future. It also has accounted for same-sex couples who were wed outside of our state moving here — they will be considered part of a civil union. Just like residents, couples from out of state can file to have their union dissolved, provided they meet all other legal requirements. We are more than willing to work with clients with different circumstances and needs to determine what is best for their personal situation.

An official cohabitation agreement can help couples determine the allocation of property and assets should their union dissolve. A pre-commitment agreement can also be utilized instead of a prenuptial agreement for a similar purpose. It can help give both partners peace of mind that they will both have their needs met in the event that they subsequently end their relationship.

Our firm, Jolein A. Harro, PC, can answer other questions that same-sex couples may have about civil unions, cohabitation agreements and other family law matters. We are committed to providing Colorado couples with effective representation for their varied needs. We are eager to be a part of improving the lives of non-traditional families.

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