High-asset divorce needs solid legal representation in Colorado

On Behalf of | Oct 21, 2014 | High Asset Divorce

When couples in Colorado decide to go their separate ways and end their marriage, they know that they will need to make a plan to divide their marital assets. For some couples, this can be more complicated, as they have a high net worth, often due to one spouse’s — or even both’s — high level of income. Here at Jolein A. Harro, PC, our team has a range of experience to draw upon in assisting families in this situation. Our team is committed to handling the matter fairly and with a mind to the facts surrounding the divorce.

Our team at Jolein A. Harro, PC uses the expertise of a certified public accountant who examines each case, offering a perspective that is unique to each situation. This process is used to identify property and assign a value to it in order to determine fair distribution as part of a divorce settlement. We have also utilized the services of tax and other financial professionals to determine the most beneficial way to divide any property and assets.

We evaluate several different aspects of an estate, including:

  • businesses, both family-owned and professional practices
  • property or other real estate
  • investments
  • valuable art or collections

Other parts of the estate will not be overlooked as we work to determine an effective resolution. Whether the assets are divided equally or not, we know how crucial it can be to the new start for each part of the couple to resolve the matter.

Those who have further questions may find our webpage regarding how we handle a high-asset divorce to be helpful. Colorado families deserve representation of top quality that considers each party’s individual needs. We at Jolein A. Harro, PC are committed to that level of quality.