Ken Griffin apparently frustrated by complex property division

On Behalf of | Nov 4, 2014 | High Asset Divorce

Splitting up the assets from a marriage involves much more than simply deciding if one party should keep the house or if it should be sold. Especially with high-asset divorces in Colorado, complex property division can potentially hinder divorce proceedings. Ken Griffin, the billionaire CEO of Citadel, is currently dealing with property division issues of his own. 

Griffin’s wife, Anne Dias Griffin, was served divorce papers in July 2013, but Griffin claims that she is continuing to use credit cards for luxuries for which he is footing the bill. It is unclear whether he intends to ask that this debt be split later. However, aside from alleged excessive spending, he also has concerns about Dias Griffin’s housing request.

According to Griffin, his wife owns part of a two-story high-rise apartment. After the couple initially separated back in November 2012, he says that he purchased that floor below the two-story apartment that he co-owns with his wife. Dias Griffin apparently wants access to all three floors of the apartment, although her husband pointed out that she owns an additional two-story apartment in a different building in which her parents also reside.

As in any divorce, deciding what actually qualifies as a marital asset can be of critical importance, especially when a couple in Colorado is facing a particularly complex property division. Although Griffin allegedly purchased the apartment on his own, since the couple was still married, it could ultimately be considered a marital asset. Additionally, simply because the credit card bills are showing up in his mailbox, the debt incurred over the course of a marriage must also be divided, and some of those bills could ultimately end up back with Dias Griffin.

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