Help is sometimes needed when fighting for custody

On Behalf of | Dec 17, 2014 | Legal Separation

Most parents would likely agree that all they really want is what is best for their child. When a couple divorces, what exactly is in a child’s best interest may become much more complicated. Determining custody can sometimes be addressed relatively easily, while in other instances, parents may have very different ideas about what will benefit their child the most.

Because Colorado recognizes that both parents should have the right to an active role in their child’s life, custody is typically split fairly evenly. For parents who can agree on most co-parenting topics, this arrangement can be particularly beneficial to all those involved. In instances such as this, child custody can usually be determined between the parents without any help of the court. 

For various reasons, situations do arise when parents are unable to agree to a mutually agreeable custody arrangement, and they may proceed to court. When this happens, 24 separate factors will be taken into account, all of which focus solely on a child’s needs, both physical and emotional. Which parent typically accompanied a child to doctor’s appointments or school functions may prove to have a slight advantage when custody is determined by a judge.

Our firm believes that, barring extraneous circumstances, children can and do thrive when custody is determined and shared by both parents. However, we also understand that life isn’t always perfect, and at times, Colorado parents may need help when figuring out what is best for their child. If you’re unsure of whether you and your soon-to-be ex need help with custody, consider visiting our website for more information.