Some New Year’s resolutions include new diets and divorce

On Behalf of | Jan 11, 2015 | High Asset Divorce

Now that the holiday decorations are back in storage and people in Colorado are getting back into the swing of work and school, an increasing number of couples are deciding that the time is right to bring their marriage to a close. January is a particularly popular month to file for divorce, and many do so shortly after the New Year has begun. It is not even that uncommon to hear January referred to as Divorce Month. 

Some may be curious about the surge in divorce filings that follow the close of the holidays — a time of year that many consider to be the happiest. However, couples may choose to hold out through the holidays for various reasons, some of which include giving the kids a final Christmas together as a family. Others understand that the continual holidays that run from Thanksgiving through New Year’s tend to result in court being out of session much more often than other times of the year. While going to court often isn’t necessary, having the option there if needed is a comforting thought. 

So just how much do divorce filings increase in January? So far this year, divorce filings are on average about 27 percent higher than other monthly averages throughout the year. Online dating websites have also reported a similar increase in online users and activity around this time of year, although there appears to be no official link between those deciding to divorce and individuals who take up online dating.

No matter the reasons that a couple chose to wait to file for divorce, waiting until the time is right to file can be an incredibly important aspect of the divorce process. For some that may mean waiting until the holidays are over, while others prefer to ensure that they have a solid understanding of the couple’s finances. However, as many people in Colorado make resolutions for a new and better year, it may not be surprising that January is a popular month to divorce.

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