Should I think about child custody when considering divorce?

On Behalf of | Feb 19, 2015 | Child Custody

It’s perfectly understandable to turn to trusted friends or professionals for much-needed advice. When it comes to deciding whether to file for divorce, however, the decision is deeply personal. While the answer can sometimes be clear-cut, it is often difficult to come to the most appropriate and beneficial conclusion. For those on the fence about the decision because of issues like child custody and parenting time, there may be some indications that the time to finally pursue a divorce is right. 

Most parents in Colorado spend a significant amount of time ensuring the safety of their children. From car seats to bike helmets, safety is often paramount. Unfortunately, one parent can unintentionally put his or her children at risk because of reckless behavior. An addiction to gambling can rock children’s financial foundation while gang or drug activity can potentially put them in both financial and physical danger.

Unfortunately, some of these activities may also include abusive behavior. Domestic abuse is a particularly difficult and sensitive topic to address, especially for victims, but physical violence between spouses can put children in a uniquely sensitive place. Some children may even view this type of behavior as a normal relationship. 

When issues such as these permeate a marriage, it’s understandable that some people may be concerned with possibly filing for divorce. However, there is no one time that is right for divorce. When a person or couple in Colorado determines that filing for divorce is the best course of action, they can begin to move forward with their lives. Those with children can then proceed to negotiate a beneficial child custody arrangement that is acceptable to the parents and is truly in the best interests of the kids.

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