Spousal support request in Walmart heir’s divorce

On Behalf of | Feb 10, 2015 | High Asset Divorce

Historically, when one party was ordered to pay another alimony in Colorado, it was the husband making payments to his ex-wife. However, as the gender gap has inched closer to closing and more women have pursued careers during their marriage, this is no longer the case. Instead of assuming that a woman will be the one entitled to receive spousal support after a divorce, each party’s income and economic advantage or disadvantage is carefully evaluated to determine who — if anyone — may benefit from alimony.

Paige Laurie, granddaughter of the man who founded Walmart, may be on the hook for a hefty chunk of alimony. In 2014, she filed for a divorce after six years of marriage amid allegations of an affair. Almost a year later, Patrick Bode Dubbert — her ex-husband — has requested that he be paid alimony to the tune of $400,000 every month, which he says he is entitled to because of a prenuptial agreement that they signed.

While the two were married, Laurie and Dubbert enjoyed a lifestyle that some might view as extravagant. After leaving the company that the two owned together, Dubbert needs additional time to re-enter a competitive job market. Until such a time, he is still enjoying a life similar to what he became accustomed to over the course of his marriage. Part of his requested alimony is intended to cover $60,000 in rent, $6,700 for a personal chef and $80,000 for entertainment purposes. 

Divorcing out of a high-asset divorce can be a jarring and frightening experience, especially when one spouse may not necessarily have the right education or job skills to continue a lifestyle to which he or she had become comfortably adjusted. However, Colorado divorcees don’t necessarily have to be afraid of plunging into poverty following a divorce. When one party vastly out-earns the other, he or she may be ordered to pay the other spousal support until that person is able to secure a job or solid source of income.

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