Ken Griffin divorce heating up over child support payments

On Behalf of | Mar 19, 2015 | High Asset Divorce

Disputes over a spouse’s income are not necessarily uncommon during divorce, particularly if one party greatly out earns the other. Income can affect an array of things in a Colorado divorce, including alimony and child support payments. In the ongoing, high-profile divorce of Ken Griffin and his wife, Anne Dias Griffin, income has become a hotly debated issue.

In her divorce filing, Dias Griffin requested that Griffin pay precisely $1 million per month for child support. Griffin has opposed this amount, apparently citing it as excessive and unnecessary. However, Dias Griffin has pointed to financial information concerning his income that comes in at just shy of $70 million every month.

Considering his monthly income, Dias Griffin also insists that their children be able to enjoy the same kind of life that they had before the divorce. This includes private plane access, multiple homes, educational expenses and vacations. She further points out that it seems unreasonable that only now does her soon-to-be ex-husband insist that these types of expenses are unreasonable when, during the course of their marriage, they were the norm. Although Griffin has apparently not personally replied to these accusations yet, a spokesperson claimed that he is still paying all of the children’s expenses and plans to continue to do so.

Depending on a parent’s income and the type of life and luxury that children may have been privy to prior to a divorce, the amount of child support that is most appropriate can vary greatly. There is no set amount for child support payments in Colorado, and the decision of how much is appropriate is far from arbitrary. Whether a parent believes that he or she is paying too much or is receiving the wrong amount, if an agreeable payment agreement cannot be mutually decided on, a couple may ultimately proceed to court, where a judge will review all relevant information before making a decision based on the children’s best interests.

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