Facebook playing a role in your divorce? You’re not the only one

On Behalf of | May 8, 2015 | High Asset Divorce

Finding someone in Colorado who does not have a profile on one social media website or another might not be the easiest task. While the use of Facebook, Twitter and Instragram might be widespread, it does not necessarily become damaging to a user’s personal life. However, one woman says that her addiction to one of the Internet’s most popular social media websites caused her divorce.

The woman admitted to using Facebook for up to five hours every day. Perusing the website took over other obligations, such as households tasks or taking care of her two children. At one point, she had over 5,000 friends on her Facebook profile page and began messaging one of her ex-boyfriends, an act with which her husband was extremely uncomfortable. Unable to reconcile over her self-proclaimed obsession, the couple determined that divorce was the most appropriate option for their situation.

However, their situation was certainly not an isolated incident. One survey puts the number of divorces that cite social media as a partial cause at approximately one in every seven filings. An expert on the subject believes that those results may actually be lower than average, and instead predicts that social media is involved in nearly half of all divorces. Future studies may be necessary to determine when social media actually plays a driving force in a couples’ decision to split.

It is unclear why the number of divorces related to social media is growing, but widespread use of these websites could be one possible reason. Some couples in Colorado may even choose to address certain potential issues pertaining to Facebook and similar sites in a prenuptial agreement or, in instances when individuals have already said “I do,” a post-nup. Taking such action can help prevent litigation or costly court battles during a future divorce.

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