Complicated assets don’t have to complicate property division

On Behalf of | Jun 5, 2015 | Property Division

Although the decision to divorce may be a relatively easy one, actually separating the assets of a marriage is not always as straightforward. Depending on a couple’s properties, investments, retirement funds or other assets, property division can require a significant amount of focus and attention to details. Our firm understands how even small mistakes during asset division can leave one or both parties dissatisfied with their settlement, and we make sure to guide our clients carefully through the process.

Say a Colorado couple owns a home, two cars and has a few credit cards and a retirement account. Property division for them might actually be quite easy. However, now imagine that same couple owns a business, several joint investments and a rental property. Basic property division services likely will not be adequate. 

When a couple that owns a business decides to divorce, deciding exactly what will happen to the business is important. One party may buy the other out or they might jointly decide to sell the company to a third party. However, before any of these options can actually be carried out, the business must be accurately valued. 

Investments, stocks, properties and other assets must also be valued to understand exactly how things should be divided. We make sure that the clients we work with in Colorado have all of the financial documentation necessary for various bank accounts or retirement funds. Instead of allowing property division to spiral out of control, visit our website for more information about staying on target.