Experts say no need to worry about health after divorce

On Behalf of | Jun 25, 2015 | High Asset Divorce

In the not-so-distant past, Colorado residents might have read about studies that claimed to find a connection between lowered levels of health and divorce. That possibility of a possible link between the two can be understandably worrisome, especially for those who are ready to file for divorce. As it turns out, another study revealed that there might not be that much to worry about after all. 

While it is true that health and wellness can take a hit during and immediately after divorce, the first study to demonstrate this missed one key factor — most people continue to live long after their divorce is finalized. This begs the question — is the seemingly negative health impact permanent? As it turns out, no. 

Most evidence points to an overall health recovery in the years that follow a divorce. Many ultimately enjoy the same levels of health that they experienced while still married. For instance, divorced and remarried adults were at the approximately the same risk for respiratory or cardiovascular health problems as their peers who had never divorced. The study also turned the tables on the long held belief that divorce negatively affects children. As it turns out, fighting between divorcing parents appears to be the cause in lowered health of children, not the fact that their parents are divorcing.

So, should couples hold off on filing for divorce because of health concerns? Ultimately, doing so might only be delaying the inevitable. If a couple in Colorado has already come to the conclusion that divorce is a necessary step, then this study may assure them that the long-term health impact is negligible.

Source: Yahoo, “Divorce May Not Be So Unhealthy After All“, Amy Capetta, June 12, 2015