Complex property division might not have phased Google co-founder

On Behalf of | Jul 2, 2015 | High Asset Divorce

While most Internet users in Colorado are intimately familiar with Google, they might be less familiar with the faces behind the popular search engine company. Sergey Brin, a co-founder of Google, recently finalized his divorce from his tech-savvy ex-wife, Anne Wojcicki. Although high asset divorces can be somewhat more involved while dealing with complex property division and other issues, the pair seemed to settle their divorce somewhat amicably and without much issue.

The pair originally married back in 2007, and they signed a prenuptial agreement before tying the knot. After having two children, the couple split in 2013. Both parties went on to date other people, although at the time it was suspected that Brin might have had an affair with a Google employee. It is possible that the alleged affair might have been a driving factor in the divorce. 

Although prenuptial agreements are useful for most Colorado couples, the decision to enter into a prenup was especially smart thinking in order to protect Google and Wojcicki’s start-up, 23 me. While neither company should be negatively impacted, the exact details of the marital agreement are not clear. Furthermore, the divorce settlement did not disclose how much money was at stake, although it has been noted that Brin alone has an estate valued at approximately $30 billion. 

Successful divorces that result in an agreeable settlement are not strictly reserved for celebrities or the wealthy. Complex property division can be effectively addressed through mediation, during which both parties address divorce issues alongside their respective counsels. Although this route is often quite effective for divorcing couples in Colorado, when negotiation fails, it is possible to proceed to court, where a judge will have the final say over the terms of the divorce agreement.

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