Researchers want to know why women file for divorce more than men

On Behalf of | Sep 3, 2015 | High Asset Divorce

Factors in a divorce can range from financial to dissatisfaction with the marriage, as well as anything in between. With most couple’s decisions to divorce as unique as individual relationships, it might be reasonable to expect a similar number of divorce filings from both men and women. However, women are actually responsible for initiating the vast majority of divorces, and the trend may be anything but new.

In a review of the relationships of over 2,000 people between the ages of 19 and 64, researchers found that women filed for 69 percent of all of the nearly 100 divorces in the group. But is this research really revealing anything new about Colorado couples? One of the lead authors of the study noted that the results simply confirmed the evidence that women have been playing a major role in divorce since as far back as the 1940s.

While the trend has already been well known, the reason why women tend to file for divorce more than men is not as well understood. Now, various studies have pinned down numerous possibilities for this imbalance. Women who perform considerably more housework than their husbands are more likely to file for divorce, as are women who have husbands who prefer more “old school” gender roles. Still, researchers would like to spend more time evaluating the factors that play into women’s decisions to file for divorce.

Overall, women do tend to be less satisfied with marriage than men. However, this does not mean that all marriages are out of balance and unfairly benefiting the husband, or that a couple in Colorado cannot come to a mutual agreement to end their marriage. Ultimately, no matter who filed for divorce or what reasons led him or her to do so, both individuals still deserve a fair and informed divorce proceeding with an end goal of achieving a mutually agreeable settlement.

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