Colorado couples, holidays and divorce

On Behalf of | Dec 15, 2015 | High Asset Divorce

Couples in Colorado may consider a variety of factors when determining whether to end their marriages. Among such considerations may be the question of whether there is a better time of year in which to pursue a divorce. Some say it is best to wait until after the major holiday season.

Deciding to wait until a new year has begun before divorcing may be prompted by a couple’s desire not to disrupt the lives of their children during the holidays. Across the nation, December is typically seen as a sort of calm that goes before the storm with regard to filings for divorce. Consistently,  one county’s records show that March leads the calendar months as that with the highest amount of divorce filings.

Records in that same county show December as having the least amount of divorce filings in the Allegheny region. The apparent March increase may be connected to family finance issues. Those filing for divorce tend to have had time to recoup their available funds after holiday spending sprees in December.

Colorado couples also may use the months after the holidays to make decisions regarding various other legal issues about a possible divorce, as well. Whether to pursue traditional means of litigation, collaborative efforts or mediated negotiations are important topics for those considering filing for divorce. Since there are different cost amounts associated with each option, spouses will want to make certain they are aware of the financial implications of every option before making a decision. The best place to start is by arranging a consultation with an experienced family law attorney.

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