Speaking to an attorney does not mean you are getting divorced

On Behalf of | Mar 28, 2019 | Divorce

No one gets married expecting to separate and divorce. You also need to realize that seeking sound legal advice about divorce, does not necessarily mean you are destined to split. Discussing your concerns with an attorney is confidential and not as scary as many assume.

“You don’t know, what you don’t know” is an expression that is applicable with most legal matters. In family law matters, you do not want to make decisions without having accurate information.

From small conflicts to a flood

Many stressors can put pressure on a relationship. They range from playing Fortnite or Facebook scrolling rather than talking to arguing over chores or money.

For parents, each stage of development can take its toll on each parent. Navigating the challenges together can involve little decisions that pull you apart or bring you together. For instance, parenting styles can bring eye rolls and cursing under the breath that becomes more frequent.

A couple that doesn’t have children may start to drift apart as career demands require added travel and late nights. The changes that come with aging may mean one spouse no longer is interested in a party lifestyle, while the other cannot quite let it go.

The causes of splits often start small with these micro-irritations. If not addressed, they may become the tipping point themselves or erode the trust and respect that then brings about bigger issues of infidelity or hidden gambling or day trading losses.

Getting legal advice can be a first step to make changes

An honest conversation may be a start toward saving a relationship before it is too late.

Speaking with a family law attorney is one way to come armed to a tough conversation with a picture of one possible path forward – divorce. The other path to avoid it may include therapy to work on the relationship, treatment to address addiction or other possible solutions.

Once the two paths are clear, you can make knowledgeable decisions rather than allowing things to just happen. You have power over your future and seeking legal counsel does not mean you will get divorced.