How to navigate a divorce while focusing on your career

On Behalf of | Oct 16, 2019 | Divorce

The decision to end a marriage can be traumatic. Grief, anger, fear and anxiety are typical by-products of divorce. It can be easy to get stuck in an emotional cobweb and carry that into the workplace. When you are going through a divorce it can be challenging to separate what happens at home and your professional life. Even without a complicated divorce, the upheaval of a marriage can negatively impact your performance, availability and energy at work.

You have worked hard to establish and develop your career and cannot risk your career advancement. Divorce can be acrimonious, but with the right strategies, it does not have to result in continuous disruptions at work.

How to simultaneously manage your career and divorce

Divorce can make you feel like the world around you is falling apart – the last thing you want is for your career to feel that way. Here are four tips that might help you maintain balance and productivity at work:

  1. Be honest with your boss. Even if you would rather keep your personal life private, it may be beneficial to disclose some of your situation to your boss. If you require time off for attorney meetings or counseling appointments, then your boss will be in the loop.
  2. Find a support network outside of the office. Maintain a clear divide between your professional and personal life. Tap into a support network of family and friends for comfort. Psychologists and counselors can help you glean new perspectives and adjust to changes.
  3. Keep divorce-related communication to a minimum. Avoid reading divorce-related emails or text messages while at work. If you need to tend to a divorce matter during business hours, allocate a small window of time into your workday when you can respond to necessary emails or phone calls.
  4. Take care of yourself. Now more than ever, it is vital to take care of yourself. Your health and well-being are paramount to your professional success. Take a hike in the mountains, listen to your favorite record, talk to a friend, practice yoga, meditate or spend time alone. Self-care is a time to give yourself a break from stress.

Navigating your way through the divorce process while maintaining your career is tricky. Establishing systems for maintaining health and productive work habits can translate into sustained productivity at work.