Why people hire an attorney for their divorce

On Behalf of | Oct 7, 2019 | Divorce

Divorce can be a challenging process and like other divorcees, may feel that hiring an attorney to help you would complicate the process. You may be more concerned about keeping the costs of your divorce down or not wanting to take the time to meet with various attorneys to find the right fit.

While this thought process is often well-intended, this is the part where many people go wrong. There are several reasons many people choose to hire a lawyer. Some benefits of hiring an attorney for your divorce include:

  • Level the playing field: Is your spouse hiring an attorney or has told you that they will be aggressive in the divorce process? Having an attorney can help prevent you from losing out on everything that you’re entitled to.
  • Keep emotions in check: A good attorney can be a listening ear when times get hard. Similarly, your attorney can approach your case with emotional objectivity if you fear that your emotion in the case could cloud your judgement.
  • Help juggle responsibilities: Chances are that you still have work or parental obligations. Because of these things, it may be hard for the courts or your spouse’s attorney to contact you. Having an attorney can ease this burden by managing these responsibilities while you handle the rest of your life.
  • Command the court room: Standing in front of a judge in court can be intimidating. If the idea of speaking in court terrifies your or you’re concerned you don’t know how to express yourself well in writing, an attorney can help shoulder this burden.
  • Miss out on your rights: Arguably the most important reason for hiring an attorney is ensuring that you don’t lose out on your rights. If you’re concerned that you may lose assets or miss out on compensation you’re entitled to, then having an attorney can help you fight for the things you need to start your post-divorce life.

While many people think it’s better to forego hiring a divorce attorney, not doing so can be a mistake, especially in complex cases. Someone who thinks that an attorney is too costly in the short term may realize down the road that representing themselves wound up costing them even more in the long term.

Many attorneys arrange consultation to discuss your unique case and can help advise you on the complexities of your case. This way, you can get input on the pros and cons of representing yourself.