Communication and divorce in Colorado

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The banal adage stating “communication is the foundation of a relationship” applies greatly in Colorado marriages. It’s no surprise that various studies have found that approximately 67% of marriages ended mainly because of poor communication. Let’s look at some words that could indicate you are likely to end up in a divorce.

Communication and marriages

Marriage needs good communication to survive. You need to be in a position where you can express your feelings and thoughts freely and confidently to your partner. The moment it starts to become a problem, pressure begins to build, you grow apart, start looking for solace somewhere else, or you begin to think of yourself as an individual in your bond.

For instance, when you or your partner starts using the pronoun “I” more often, it means that you are becoming more self-focused or you don’t think that your partner can relate to whatever you are going through. In fact, research shows that when we are sad or depressed, we tend to focus only on ourselves instead of opening up to our partners and handling the issue together.

Also, when you start to notice that you are using the pronoun “We” more often than you used to, then something has changed. It’s like you are now trying to insist on being a team so much even though you feel like you are on your own.

Other communication mistakes to avoid

Every person was raised differently. When you come together through marriage, you need to practice empathy and understanding to strengthen your communication. You have to talk and give your partner a chance to express themselves and genuinely listen. You cannot read your partner’s mind because you’ll only be seeing it through your own lens and beliefs.

Other communication mistakes to avoid that could lead to a divorce include:
• Ignoring the little things that bother you
• Not appreciating, praising, or giving positive feedback to your partner
• Constantly criticizing them
• Looking down upon your partner
• Blaming instead of working on a solution together

Even when going through a divorce, you need to communicate with your partner to find the best way to handle your marriage dissolution. Communication is even more important because you will still need to agree on a parenting plan (if children are involved), the division of assets, businesses that own together, etc.