Could a social media post cost you in a divorce?

On Behalf of | Dec 1, 2021 | Divorce

The influence of social media reverberates through every aspect of our lives, including critical legal matters such as divorce. By avoiding a few common social media mistakes, you can get closer to your divorce goals while avoiding costly and unnecessary pitfalls.

Sharing sensitive information

Social media can begin to feel like a minefield when you are in the midst of a divorce. You never truly know who is seeing the information you share, and anything could be used against you, including:

  • Pictures of expensive purchases or travel: You must divulge your financial information in divorce, and you don’t want your online presence to tell a different story than the one you report to the court.
  • Information about your dating life: There is nothing wrong with moving on in your romantic life during a divorce, but Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms are not the best place to share this information.

Have you checked your list of friends and followers lately? This might be a good time to make sure people who do not wish you well in your divorce do not have access to the information you post.

Believing what you read

A lot of people are more than willing to give you their two cents on your divorce and what the law does and doesn’t say about it. Sources of disinformation online range from well-meaning friends to nefarious actors looking to profit off of your link clicks. Even accurate information may not apply in your situation (if the source is referring to laws in another state, for instance.) Learn to tune out the noise and listen to the advice of an experienced family law attorney who has only your best interests in mind.

Appearing unfit to parent

Perhaps the costliest social media mistakes are made by parents who do not realize how their carefree posting style will appear to the general public—or a family court judge. There is nothing wrong with letting your hair down once in a while, but public evidence of drinking, partying and living it up can only damage your image as a parent at a time when you want your best qualities to shine.

Before an errant post becomes “Exhibit A” in your divorce case, consider these situations and how they can backfire. Divorce is hard enough without causing yourself additional worry and expense over something you posted online.