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Understanding grandparents' rights in Colorado

Grandparents often feel left out of their grandchild's life during family law matters. The challenges of seeing your own grandchildren can leave you full of worry and fear that you may never see them again. During this difficult time, it is important to remember that you have rights as a grandparent.

Parenting with an ex? Follow these tips to prevent disputes.

Divorce is never easy. This is especially true when children are involved. Parents face many challenges during divorce and often struggle with how to address the end of their marriage with their children. We've all seen stories about how divorce impacts children and how it can change their relationship with their parents.

Child custody might be less worrisome for same-sex parents

For the most part, same-sex marriages mirror most aspects of the unions of their heterosexual counterparts. Still, with the legalization of same-sex marriage still a relatively new aspect of family law, many gay couples must deal with exceptionally difficult issues during divorce proceedings. Child custody in particular can be especially complex.

Same-sex marriage ban could impact child custody case

People in Colorado and across the nation waited anxiously this summer as the U.S. Supreme Court mulled over the constitutionality of state bans on same-sex marriage. Although the bans have been lifted, they still could have an impact on child custody. In one out-of-state case, a former couple whose relationship ended before the Supreme Court issued a ruling are both fighting for custody of children who were a product of their relationship.

Parental rights: Child custody issues in Colorado

Colorado marriages are likely no different than others -- one out of every two end in divorce. In some cases, the situation is simple and requires little to no court intervention. For others, especially those where couples have had children together, child custody issues and matters regarding the future of the family can necessitate a need for legal assistance.

Parental responsibilities differ for families with disabled kids

After a nearly 60 years of research and data collection, researchers at the Waisman Center finally released their findings concerning divorce rates for parents of disabled children. The study also included a separate focus on parents of otherwise developmentally normal children and their possibility of divorce. The intention was to test whether the assumption that having a child with a disability would lead to higher chance of divorce. While the reasons behind a divorce will vary from couple to couple, Colorado parents will still have to address parental responsibilities in the child custody of agreement whether their child was born with or without a disability.

Grandparents, you might have a right to child custody visitation

Divorce can be a difficult process for children to cope with, and understandably so. Joint child custody has grown wildly in popularity as many children in Colorado truly benefit from equal and open access to both parents. However, recognizing both parents as active caregivers is not the only evolution that family law has encountered recently.

No, a cheating spouse won't affect your child custody agreement

By now, most people in Colorado have probably already heard of the hack on the popular Ashley Madison website, and some might even know people who were affected by the aftermath. In the face of infidelity, some couples decide that divorce is the most appropriate course of action. Unfortunately, myths concerning what can and cannot impact a settlement -- such as a non-cheating spouse having the upper hand with child custody -- seem to continue to circulate.

Video chat is changing the landscape of child custody

With the advent of the Internet and webcams, great distances no longer present such a difficult barrier to overcome when trying to communicate with friends and loved ones. Aside from making communication for everyone from telecommuters to deployed military members, the ability to video chat from a wide variety of devices is also making some big changes in family law. For Colorado parents who do not reside in the same state as their child, it is possible that their child custody agreement could reflect the ability to talk face-to-face even when separated by hundreds of miles.

Dentist loses license for ignoring parental responsibilities

By now, the vast majority of Colorado parents understand the significant role that child support has in the overall stability in a child's life. However, unexpected situations can and do arise in which a parent is unable to meet his or her parental responsibilities. When instances like that arise, it is important to petition the court for a modification of the child support order in as timely a manner as possible.

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