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Enforcing Or Terminating Child Support

Child support has a huge effect on the quality of life for everyone involved: the parent with a payment obligation, the parent providing the children’s primary residence and the children themselves. Because it is so important, it can also be a great source of conflict.

Our attorneys at law offices of Jolein A. Harro, PC, will help you successfully overcome conflict in matters of child support enforcement and termination in Littleton, Denver, and the surrounding areas in Colorado.

We handle a range of matters related to child support:

  • Establishment of child support: In domestic cases, child support is established at a hearing associated with a divorce or paternity proceeding.
  • Enforcement of child support: Colorado laws make several tools available to enforcing child support orders. Judgments can be obtained automatically when child support is due and owing but not paid. Unpaid support can be collected with interest through wage garnishment or through the collection of tax refunds.
  • Termination of child support: Parents must make child support payments until the child is 19. In some cases, that time can be extended. For example, when a child has a disability or is enrolled in a high school equivalency program, child support must often be paid until the child turns 21 or graduates. When there are multiple children who receive support in the same family, child support does not terminate until the youngest child emancipates.

Can’t Pay Child Support? We Can Help.

Do not ignore a child support order if you can’t pay. Never enter into any agreement with the other party unless it is explicit, in writing and reduced to an order of the court. If you owe child support but cannot pay, our firm can help. We can negotiate creative solutions for past-due child support. We are dedicated to protecting your interests and your finances.

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