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Navigating Child Custody With You

The law offices of Jolein A. Harro, P.C., is here to guide you through your child custody issue. Our attorneys have been representing changing families for more than 30 years. We hold ourselves to a high standard of professionalism, honesty and ethics. We use sound business principles, and believe that each of us is responsible for the success of your case. We have confidence in our ability to creatively represent our clients and effect change for the better.

Assisting With All Your Custody Issues

Our decades of experience helps us understand what works best for children and what does not. We want to offer you similar counsel so that you and your family can achieve a bright future.

We assist parents in Littleton, Denver, and throughout the surrounding counties with all issues related to child custody, including:

What The Law Says About Child Custody And Parenting Plans

The state of Colorado presumes, absent any contradictory evidence, that both parents can and should raise their children. The courts believe that children thrive when both parents are active participants in their lives and we agree. Our experience has shown that cooperative parenting results in happier children, and subsequently, happier parents.

In the state of Colorado, a court uses 24 factors to create a parental responsibilities plan that will serve the children’s emotional and physical needs. At all times, the court’s concern is the welfare of the children. In a sense, this is the premium factor that informs the others. We will help you understand these factors and honestly evaluate their strengths and weaknesses in providing them to their children.

If you are forthright, parental responsibilities can be determined between yourselves without the court’s intervention. Ultimately, this is the most expeditious and auspicious route, as we tend to abide by agreements that we create, rather than by ones that are created for us.

Learn About Your Rights

Our lawyers are dedicated to protecting your rights and finding a resolution that benefits everyone involved. Contact us online or call 720-541-5873 to arrange a consultation.