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International Child Custody & Child Support

International child custody cases can involve a range of complex legal matters, from state and federal laws to international treaties, as well as the practical difficulties of dealing with different customs, legal systems and languages. That is why it is critical to select an attorney who has the experience necessary obtain the best possible results.

At Jolein A. Harro, P.C., with locations in Littleton and Steamboat Springs, Colorado, we use our 60 years of combined experience to handle matters of international child custody and child support. Our lawyers have the knowledge to help you protect your relationship with your children and protect your interests.

Our knowledge of the Hague Convention and the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act (UCCJEA) help provide thorough and complete legal counsel that protects your best interests.

  • The Hague Convention is an international treaty that applies in international child custody cases, returning jurisdiction to the country where the child habitually resides. Once jurisdiction is returned to that country, the case is usually resolved there using the applicable laws.
  • The UCCJEA is an act that places jurisdiction for child custody matters with the courts of the child’s home state. It often comes into play when one parent resides in a state other than Colorado.

Both the Hague Convention and the UCCJEA can be exceptionally complex, so it is critical to work with an attorney who is well-prepared to handle challenging child custody and visitation matters.

Parental Relocation

At Jolein A. Harro, P.C., many of our clients face issues related to the relocation of a parent outside of the state of Colorado. They often require modification of existing local, out-of-state or international child custody orders and parenting plans.

If you are considering a long-distance move after your divorce, it is important to remember that you cannot move a child away from a noncustodial parent without permission from the other parent or an order from the court. If you are being affected by a move, and you are concerned about losing time with your child, the lawyers at Jolein A. Harro, P.C., can help.

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To get started, contact our lawyers and staff at 720-541-5873 to talk with a lawyer about out-of-state or international custody orders. Our offices are located in Littleton and Steamboat Springs, Colorado.