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Helping With Paternity, Relinquishment And Adoption

Our lawyers at the law offices of Jolein A. Harro, P.C., are here to assist with all your family law-related matters. We represent parents and family members in Littleton and throughout Denver and the surrounding areas who need guidance and advice when it comes to paternity and adoption matters.


When a child is born to parents who are unmarried, it may be necessary to file a paternity action in order to have the father’s rights recognized and responsibilities enforced by the state of Colorado.

In Colorado, paternity is handled under the juvenile code. Paternity legally establishes a man as a child’s father. Matters of child support, parental rights and parenting plans are handled as part of the proceeding.

Our attorneys represent mothers and alleged fathers in paternity matters. We can file paternity petitions, contest paternity or help guide clients through the process.

If you are considering a paternity action, you should be aware that you have a limited time frame. Statutes of limitation prevent parties from filing for paternity after the child has turned 21. Filing for paternity — even when the child is older — can help with important expenses because the child may be entitled to back child support.

Relinquishment And Adoption

Our Colorado law firm also assists clients in matters of relinquishment and adoption. In Colorado, relinquishment is often part of adoption proceedings. The child’s biological parent relinquishes rights to the child, and the adoptive parent steps in and fills the shoes of the biological parent.

Our firm handles several different types of adoption, including:

  • Step-parent adoption
  • Kinship adoption and the protection of grandparents’ rights
  • Adoption of adults

Understand Your Options

We will guide you through the process so you understand your rights and what options are available. We know these issues are not easy to discuss or handle on your own. We will advocate for you and help you make an informed decision for you and your children.

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