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High-Net Worth Divorce

Jolein A. Harro, P.C., has a history of success handling high net worth divorces. Over the years, our attorneys have handled numerous divorces involving complex or sophisticated assets involving as much as nine figures.

When complicated interests in property are involved, it is important to have an expert on your legal team – someone to help identify and value property. Our firm partners with a CPA who can review your case and provide critical insight.

Because our firm is experienced in these cases, we are not overwhelmed when marital assets are divided equitably between the parties. We operate as a team and work with experts at evaluating different parts of the marital estate:

  • Professional practices
  • Family businesses
  • Property and other real estate holdings
  • Capital gains
  • Valuable art and collections
  • Investments

When necessary, we work with a network of tax and financial professionals who are experts in their fields to determine what will be a beneficial way to determine the division of property. We handle every case with the same attention to detail no matter how many assets are involved, but we do have the resources to pull together an effective legal team for any situation.

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