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Out-Of-State Divorce

Divorces can become complex when they multiple states or countries. Which laws apply? How do those laws affect critical issues? How are relationships between parents and children preserved – when one parent lives elsewhere?

At Jolein A. Harro, P.C., with locations in Littleton and Steamboat Springs, Colorado, we can delve into these tough questions. Lawyers at our firm have extensive experience handling multi jurisdictional divorces, often involving complex and sophisticated assets. We have handled numerous multistate and multinational divorces, as well as divorces involving sophisticated assets.

Matters That Affect Children In Long-Distance Divorces

We can help you navigate the complex web of state and federal laws, and international treaties, as well as jurisdictional and language issues that often come with divorces across borders. We have in-depth knowledge of international child custody and child support matters, and can help parents in matters of parental abduction, and long-distance parenting plans.

Each case is unique. We have represented clients residing in Colorado and clients residing elsewhere with interests in Colorado. Even when a case is based in another jurisdiction, it’s helpful to have a local attorney here who can coordinate with counsel in other states.

Contact A Lawyer About Interstate Divorce

Call us at 720-541-5873 or simply complete our online contact form. We have an office in Littleton, serving the Denver metro area and Jefferson County, as well as a satellite office in Steamboat Springs.