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Stashing property for asset division? You may want to reconsider

Though many high-asset couples have a prenuptial agreement, that does not necessarily prevent tension from arising over certain issues during a divorce. Asset division can be of particular trouble for some who are misinformed as to how the process actually works. In Colorado, assets are split equitably, which does not equate to a 50/50 split as many still believe. 

Reconciliation can still happen after filing for divorce

Just as most people do not get married with the intention of one day divorcing, filing for divorce is not a process that is usually started by couples who intend to reconcile. Therefore, when couples decide to reconcile after having already filed for divorce, they should be aware of the steps they need to take to stop divorce proceedings in Colorado. For instance, there are often legal costs associated with the divorce process that cannot be refunded no matter what a couple ultimately decides to do.

Protecting yourself during and after divorce

When two lives have been intertwined in a marriage for several years, separating the smaller details of those lives can often prove to be difficult. While it would be understandable to assume that what is outlined in a divorce settlement is reflected in the affected areas of one's life, this is unfortunately not always the case. For those in Colorado pursuing a divorce, there are some key financial details to keep in mind.

Can we handle complex property division by ourselves?

No matter the circumstances, a Colorado divorce can sometimes be an understandably taxing process. When a significant amount of money or assets is added to the mix, coming to an amicable agreement about almost anything may seem just out of reach. However, both parties working together on a complex property division or other debated issue is not impossible at all, and some may find it preferable to warring over certain factors.

Tax season in Colorado means taking time with asset valuation

Most families in Colorado have filed their tax returns by this time of year. Some of those families may be dealing with divorce proceedings and taking extra time to ensure that their finances are in order. Asset valuation is just one item that needs to be managed during mediation, but it is important to be deliberate and thorough.

Lengthy divorce proceedings in Colorado still serve a purpose

Many Colorado families face the pain of divorce. Some spouses will often rush through divorce proceedings just to get things over with, but experts say this can be a mistake that may end up negatively affecting property and asset division. There are several things to keep in mind that can help those who have a great deal of assets at stake in a divorce.

High asset divorce involves Rupert Murdoch and wife, Wendi

The process of divorce may cause tension due to the high stakes involved, particularly if property or asset division is at the center of this type of family law proceeding. However, if a person is facing a high asset divorce in Colorado, the stress levels can be even higher, with billions of dollars or business enterprises at stake. This is the scenario that one couple is facing in an out-of-state case.

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