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Ken Griffin divorce heating up over child support payments

Disputes over a spouse's income are not necessarily uncommon during divorce, particularly if one party greatly out earns the other. Income can affect an array of things in a Colorado divorce, including alimony and child support payments. In the ongoing, high-profile divorce of Ken Griffin and his wife, Anne Dias Griffin, income has become a hotly debated issue.

The divorce rate for same-sex couples is lower, study says

Could sexual orientation play a role in the overall success of a marriage? A new study indicated that this may be so. The Williams Institute's most recent findings indicated that same-sex couples tend to divorce less than their straight counterparts.

Update on high asset divorce case involving Frank McCourt

The thought of if or when a marriage will end is probably the last thing that would ever cross the mind of any newlywed couple. There are times though when a divorce may be in the future best interest of Colorado spouses. One of the purposes of a divorce settlement is to allow each individual to continue living a similar lifestyle to the one each had during the marriage. Unfortunately, some spouses in high asset divorce cases may attempt to claim more of the marital property than he or she should be rightfully allowed to.

Divorce for same-sex couples could be complicated

The Supreme Court decision to strike down the Defense of Marriage Act has made global and national news. In Colorado and all over the United States, same-sex couples have been celebrating this monumental victory. One inevitable focus may be on how states will handle divorce cases for those same-sex couples that subsequently elect to dissolve their marriages.

Divorce basics in Colorado: part two

In our most recent post we discussed some very basic laws governing divorce and legal separation in Colorado. We talked about how Colorado is a "no fault" state for divorce, meaning that one spouse can seek a divorce if he or she believes the marriage to be "irretrievably broken." This week we'll address some more common questions asked by Coloradoans considering a divorce.

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