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Colorado bill poised to make big changes to child custody

Big changes could soon be coming to Colorado. If it passes the state senate, the bill is poised to alter how parenting time is split in child custody arrangements. While there are many supporters of the bill, opponents have raised serious concerns about its possible implications. 

Don't agree on child custody? There are options before court

When it comes to making big, life-altering choices, most people in Colorado would likely agree that they prefer to be involved in the process. But when it comes to divorce, there are many instances of couples asking a judge to make significant decisions on their behalf. While this can be an appropriate course of action for some couples, others can likely settle on more preferable terms for child custody and/or a divorce settlement on their own terms.

Should I think about child custody when considering divorce?

It's perfectly understandable to turn to trusted friends or professionals for much-needed advice. When it comes to deciding whether to file for divorce, however, the decision is deeply personal. While the answer can sometimes be clear-cut, it is often difficult to come to the most appropriate and beneficial conclusion. For those on the fence about the decision because of issues like child custody and parenting time, there may be some indications that the time to finally pursue a divorce is right. 

Tips for changing child custody arrangements

Deciding to file for divorce can be a deeply emotional and personal choice that many residents of Denver, Colorado, may find themselves making. Some divorces may be relatively straightforward, especially when both parties work out their issues and pursue an uncontested divorce. Other divorces are understandably more difficult due to complications with securing child support or determining child custody arrangements. In some cases, the child may later wish to alter the custody arrangements, which can potentially lead to emotional pain and have legal ramifications.

Colorado child custody tricky to define with same-sex parents

We recently discussed an out of state case involving same-sex parents attempting to determine custody for the child they shared ("How to manage child custody for Colorado same-sex parents", July 15). That specific case would not set legal precedent here since it happened outside of Colorado, but it was only a matter of time before a similar situation occurred to a family in the Centennial State. The rights of gay and lesbian parents do not have specific delineation, so child custody agreements might be difficult to determine.

How to manage child custody for Colorado same-sex parents

Civil unions between same-sex couples have been legal in Colorado for only a short time, meaning there are still many issues through which families are attempting to navigate. One such area relates to the parental rights after a divorce when one parent does not have a biological tie to a child. A recent out-of-state case tackled this exact question of child custody, and though it has no legal influence here, it could be indicative of how courts here might handle a similar situation.

NBA star Paul George in child custody battle

There are times when many parents who are attempting to determine a child custody agreement might feel as though they are the only ones who might be experiencing this type of event. This is far from the truth, as many parents in Colorado -- and across the nation -- struggle with this very issue. Even famous people have to determine how they will handle child custody arrangements. For example, a basketball player for the Pacers, Paul George, is awaiting results of a paternity test to determine how he will proceed with his potential parental responsibilities.

Sailor in child custody battle while he serves overseas

Those who choose to serve our country through military service deserve society's appreciation. They put their lives on the line on a daily basis to protect the rest of the country. Many believe that the least that society can do in return is to help to preserve the service member's home life as much as possible. This is the struggle that one sailor finds himself in as his ex-wife is suing for custody of their daughter while he is serving overseas. Colorado families who are attempting to determine child custody may be able to learn from this man's story.

Tips for Colorado parents trying to determine child custody

When two parents are not raising their children together, it may be for a myriad of reasons. Both people involved typically want what is best for their kids, but may not agree on exactly how that should be accomplished. In these instances, they may have to determine the exact parameters of a child custody agreement. Colorado parents may benefit from the following suggestions when they are faced with such a situation.

Sherri Shepherd's husband seeks child custody of unborn baby

Normally, when a Colorado couple divorces and has to make decisions related to the custody of their children, it involves children who are already born. Occasionally, it actually refers to an unborn child. Such is the case in the divorce proceedings for TV personality and actress Sherri Shepherd. Her husband recently filed for divorce and is suing for child custody of their baby, who is being carried by a surrogate.

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