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Could medical marijuana in Colorado impact child custody?

Though recreational marijuana was recently legalized here in Colorado, those who have a prescription for it are subject to different guidelines. Those restrictions dictate how much a person can legally possess and under what circumstances he or she is allowed to use the drug. Those who are navigating a child custody case will want to be aware that a judge may be negatively influenced by marijuana usage, even if the consumption is for medical reasons.

Child custody often given to heterosexual parent over gay parent

The reasons for divorce are as varied as the people who seek them. Sometimes, divorce arises here in Colorado in marriages where one spouse is gay and the other is not. These divorces still face the same issues that others do, such as how to divide property or distribution of assets. There may even be issues surrounding child custody arrangements. A study recently found that custody is frequently given to the heterosexual parent in these types of situations, or that a biological parent in a same-sex relationship which ends gets full custody of the children with no visitation rights going to the other.

Child custody dispute takes a sharper controversial turn

A juvenile court judge in another state has issued a controversial decision over a 15-year-old girl's custody that many predicted would go the other way. The judge ordered that child custody be placed in the state's child welfare services agency instead of her parents. He appears to have made the decision possibly on reasons other than the child's best interests. The best interest of the child test is the governing standard applied in Colorado and all other states to decide who should get child custody in a contested case.

Father fighting for child custody of daughter placed for adoption

Often, when parents of a child are unmarried, the assumption is made that the main responsibility for child care will fall to the mother. However, many Colorado fathers are more than willing to step up and raise their children, even asking for primary custody in many situations. In the past, many courts would favor the mother in child custody cases, but in recent times, many men have shown that they are able and sometimes even better suited to care for their children. A father recently found out that he has been given a chance to have primary custody of the daughter that his ex-girlfriend gave up for adoption, allegedly without his permission.

Advocates argue for shared child custody in most divorces

When Colorado parents make the decision to divorce, they must come to an agreement on how they parent their children together. Some people, for varied reasons, make the decision to sue for sole custody of their children. There are advocates who argue that this should not happen in most cases. They say that child custody is best when it is shared between the two former partners.

Should Colorado sperm donors have parental responsibilities?

Families in Colorado are not always comprised of two heterosexual parents and their children. Many couples might even need the assistance of someone outside of the family to have children. Some rely on the kindness of surrogacy and egg or sperm donors. Generally, the people who assist couples with having children through these methods are not held responsible for child-rearing. However, one out-of-state man who donated sperm to a couple is being ordered to share parental responsibilities by making child support payments.

Child custody rights of fathers as important as mothers

When considering child custody, the typical assumption is that mothers will be the primary caregivers when two parents cannot raise the children together. However, just because this may be the norm does not mean that there are not men who wish to be involved in child-rearing. Many Colorado fathers would welcome the opportunity to be the sole or primary provider for their children, but there are times when their wishes on child custody are overlooked. Recently, a father sued in his home state when his baby's mother placed their son for adoption without his consent.

Handling child custody arrangements during the holidays

For many divorced parents in Colorado, the first few Christmases following the end of their marriage can be a challenge. Often, both spouses are still working through their own emotional response to the divorce, and also coming to terms with their new roles as co-parents. Many struggle with the adjustment that comes with a new child custody arrangement, and the holidays can bring out the worst of the anxieties attached to missing time with one's children.

Helping kids through a new child custody arrangement

When Colorado parents divorce, the care and custody of their shared children is often at the top of their priority list. Once the divorce is final, everyone involved will go through a period of adjustment as they become used to the new child custody arrangement. This can be difficult for both parents and children. However, there are a number of steps that a custodial parent can make to help ease this process for their kids.

How finances can play into child custody determinations

When asked to make a decision concerning the care and custody of a child, family court judges in Colorado are expected to place the best interests of the child above all else. Unfortunately, the process does not always follow lines of fairness and reason. Other matters, such as finances, can have a great deal of influence on the outcome of a child custody dispute.

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