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Accurate asset valuation often key to fair settlement

It might be true that wealthy couples both achieved and maintained their wealth through careful and constant attention, but that does not necessarily mean that the exact value of any given asset is never in question. When couples in Colorado who share a high net worth decide to end their marriage and file for divorce, it is likely that complex property division will be part of the process. When determining who should receive what, accurate asset valuation can be of utmost importance.

Don't miss this important asset during divorce

The house, the investments and the debt -- divorcing couples in Colorado almost always expect to address these types of assets during property division. But when preparing for a divorce, there is one important account that most people tend to forget about. When married couples plan for retirement, they usually do so with both people in mind, stashing any money away in a retirement account a joint asset.

Avoid the DIY approach for complex property division

No matter the reasons behind a couple's decision to divorce, virtually all couples in Colorado must go through the same processes to dissolve a marriage. Unfortunately, a wealth of misinformation concerning what divorcees can and cannot do during this process continue to live on and thrive on the Internet, putting some people in potentially difficult situations. Especially for couples who might have to deal with complex property division or other possibly complicated issues, it is important to understand the limits on an individual.

Some Colorado couples may turn to crowdfunding to pay for divorce

It is not an uncommon custom in the United States for friends, relatives or members of the community to give money to a couple who is getting married in order to help them begin the financial side of their journey together. Couples in Colorado are certainly no strangers to the tradition of gift money being placed inside a wedding card or offered to the couple at their reception. A recent trend has arisen, however, that seeks donations for something very different; that is, others are being asked to help fund a divorce.

Researchers want to know why women file for divorce more than men

Factors in a divorce can range from financial to dissatisfaction with the marriage, as well as anything in between. With most couple's decisions to divorce as unique as individual relationships, it might be reasonable to expect a similar number of divorce filings from both men and women. However, women are actually responsible for initiating the vast majority of divorces, and the trend may be anything but new.

Former NBA team owner Donald Sterling to divorce wife of 60 years

An NBA team is at the heart of a divorce dispute between its former owner and his soon-to-be ex-wife. Potentially billions of dollars are at stake in this divorce, some of which stem from the sale of the Clippers basketball team. Basketball fans in Colorado may already be familiar with the ongoing issues facing the former owner.

Age could play bigger role in divorce than previously believed

Is age really nothing more than a number? Some researchers think that old adage might not hold true when applied to marriage and divorce. After conducting a study using data from a national institute, they concluded that getting married before and after the late 20s gives rise to a higher chance of divorce. Most people in Colorado are likely familiar with the warning not to marry too young, but few might have heard that marrying too old could be bad for marital longevity too.

Maintaining financial security even after a divorce

Even when divorce is the most appropriate course of action to take, some couples choose to put off filing out of fear that their finances will forever be impacted. Colorado couples with a high-net worth are not immune to this worry, especially if one or both parties have worked hard to build and maintain their financial worth. Of course these concerns are understandable, but careful planning and asset valuation can reduce tension and confusion during complex property division in a divorce.

Complex property division might not have phased Google co-founder

While most Internet users in Colorado are intimately familiar with Google, they might be less familiar with the faces behind the popular search engine company. Sergey Brin, a co-founder of Google, recently finalized his divorce from his tech-savvy ex-wife, Anne Wojcicki. Although high asset divorces can be somewhat more involved while dealing with complex property division and other issues, the pair seemed to settle their divorce somewhat amicably and without much issue.

Experts say no need to worry about health after divorce

In the not-so-distant past, Colorado residents might have read about studies that claimed to find a connection between lowered levels of health and divorce. That possibility of a possible link between the two can be understandably worrisome, especially for those who are ready to file for divorce. As it turns out, another study revealed that there might not be that much to worry about after all. 

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